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You're a self described "freelance hobbyist private investigator" hired to investigate the murder of "Rose, no last name given".

The issue comes with the fact that Rose worked as the accountant for Katherine Auburn, a woman who's infamous in your town for transforming her home into a haunted house tourist attraction. The opening for the attraction was supposed to be tomorrow- the only option you have is to interview staff members and try to piece together what had occured only a few hours earlier.


Hi! My name is Honey, and this is a rather short murder mystery visual novel! I've never made games before, but it seemed like a fun venture, so all art, writing, programming and all of that was done by me. The game is unfortunately completely silent, but a link to a related spotify playlist is provided in the about section on the main menu. 

Thank you in advance for checking the project out!

update: free demo has been added! It includes the first 1/3 of the game! If you wish to purchase the full game, click the "download" button below, and then type $2.99 into the box, and it will grant you access to the full game files. If you only want to play the demo, just click the "no thanks, take me to the downloads" button.


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Rose Red free demo Mac 78 MB
Rose Red free demo PC 94 MB
Rose Red Mac 87 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
Rose Red PC 102 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more


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If I understand correctly the only dialogue choice is picking who you think the killer is ? I don't mind kinetic novels, just trying to set the right expectations for myself.


If you're talking about just dialogue choices in general, there's at least one dialogue choice in every one-on-one conversation with characters (minus a few exceptions). The general idea is that depending on which questions you ask characters in interviews, you get different information which might be helpful, ect. There is only one ending though, since all decisions do eventually tie into to the right ending, if that's what you're referring to?

I was planning on adding a free demo download to the page sometime later today, actually, if you want to just wait to try it yourself